Steampunk Crowdfunding Roundup – September 2015

Wow! Is it that time again already? I don’t know if it is because of the “back to school” season or what, but there aren’t as many projects this month. But even with fewer to choose from, I ended up pledging to two campaigns this month. Will you help someone’s dream come true, as well? […]

“The Monster Hunter” – Book Review

Kit Cox, also known in Steampunk circles as Major Jack Union, released his first Young Adult book last Halloween. Where his first book, How to Bag a Jabberwock: A Practical Guide to Monster Hunting, is more of a a how-to for aspiring protectors of the Crown, The Monster Hunter is a novel about a young boy […]

Pandora Cinematheque: The Lady ParaNorma

Vincent Marcone is talented artist who creates hauntingly beautiful artwork which he showcases on his website, My Pet Skeleton. In 2013 he expanded his repertoire by writing and directing a short film called The Lady ParaNorma. 

“Whitechapel Gods” – Book Review

This is a dark tale of humankind caught in the middle of a millennia-old struggle between beings of great power who use their influence to wage a battle of head versus heart, logic versus love. The world is a very different place, and people are turning into machines either by choice (the “crows”) or by […]

Steampunk Crowdfunding Roundup – August 2015

There are always many great Steampunk projects looking for public support from the Steampunk Community and beyond . . . so many that it’s hard to keep track of them all, which is why we have our monthly Crowdfunding Roundup to help you pick which projects you would like to see become a reality. The […]

Steampunk Crowdfunding July Roundup

What’s on Tap for Aug/Sept Publishing Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken cover art (Ends Aug 5) Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken is the sixth in the Galvanic Century series of steampunk thrillers. Its in the revision and editing phase, and set to be released this September… all it needs is a worthy cover. That’s where you […]

Steampunk Crowdfunding June Roundup

Here’s what’s on tap for June/July 2015 Publishing Spring-Heeled Jack, ends July 1 Watch the video: Spring-Heeled Jack is a steampunk mystery and the first volume of the Queen of Spades Series. Originally, the series was called Abstract Magic and it was an Urban Fantasy Adventure, but I came to the realization that it was […]

“The Illusionist” – Film Review

  Illusions are all about making an audience believe the impossible. Magicians can accomplish this through sleight of hand, misdirection and clever technology. Innovative and deceptive designs makes the turn of the century magician a great trope of steampunkery. Most of this romantic drama centers on the relationship between the magacian Eisenheim and his childhood […]

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