Symposium 2017 Session – Short Fiction

Short Fiction. Presented by Sarah Hans and Maurice Broaddus. Is there a Steampunk short story in you waiting to get out?

Symposium 2017 Session – Steaming Ahead: Navigating Indie & Self-Publishing

Steaming Ahead: Navigating Indie & Self-Publishing. Presented by Sophia Beaumont & Ash K. Alexander.

Symposium 2017 Session – The Steampunk Genre

The Steampunk Genre. Moderated by Sarah Hans with KW Jeter, Cherie Priest, Leanna Renee Hieber, and Maurice Broaddus. What separates Steampunk from science fiction? How is it different from Gaslamp Fantasy or Dieselpunk? What are some of the classic must-read examples of Steampunk, and why do we love them so much? Panelists discuss all of this […]

Symposium 2017 Session – Cherie Priest Feature Hour, and Q&A

Cherie Priest Feature Hour, and Q&A. Presented by Cherie Priest, & Moderated by Leanna Renee Hieber.

Symposium 2017 Session – Envisioning a Better Steam Society: Social Issues & Steampunk

Envisioning a Better Steam Society: Social Issues & Steampunk. Presented by Diana Pho. A discussion panel where panel participants discuss their thoughts about finding aesthetic inspiration in a historical era rife with sexism, racism and classist thinking. Can the steampunk subculture come to terms with its problematic past, or are we just repeating history, except […]

Symposium 2017 Session – Steam Around the World: Steampunk Beyond Victoriana

Steam Around the World: Steampunk Beyond Victoriana. Presented by Diana Pho. Beyond Victoriana, what steampunk possibilities exist? Come join us as we take you on a trip around the world to see how steampunk manifests in the minds of those who don’t think within an Eurocentric context.

Symposium 2017 Session – Parents “Tea” Time

Parents “Tea” Time. Presented by Pixie Sue Schmid & Leslie Thomas. In the evening, put the kids to bed and come back for an adults only “tea” time party.

Symposium 2017 Session – Steampunking Pop Culture

Steampunking Pop Culture. Presented by Nicole Marker & Tina Black. Explore the ways to create a steampunk look out of popular characters in movies and TV shows.

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