Symposium Session – Writer’s Workshop 3

Writer’s Workshop 3: Writers’ Read and Rave

Presented by Emilie P. Bush, Leanna Renee Hieber, & Taversia.

It’s time to show off! Read your draft works at our third Writer’s Workshop, the Writers’ Read and Rave.

Get feedback and kudos from both your fellow attendees and our published authors.

Bush PosterEmilie P. Bush is a quintessential Do-It-Yourself steampunk: writer, editor, and journalist. She has stories suited for adults as well as children, her fashion is impeccable if unpredictable, and her tea dueling skills are something to be feared. 

Former Host of Georgia Public Radio’s “Georgia Gazette” Emilie P. Bush has traded in writing the news for writing Steampunk. Her debut novel, Chenda and the Airship Brofman, sends Chenda and her companions up in the air, across a desert, through a mountain and under the sea in a thrilling adventure. Emilie P. Bush lives and writes in Atlanta. 

Hieber by C. JohnstoneLeanna Renee Hieber (actress, playwright, artist and award-winning, nationally bestselling author) has written nine Gothic Victorian Fantasy novels for adults and teens, set in 1880s New York City and London. She was born and raised near Cincinnati, Ohio and is very proud to be The Pandora Society “Author in Residence”. Her Strangely Beautiful saga hit Barnes & Noble and Borders Bestseller lists, garnered numerous genre awards and will reissue in a special edition from Tor/Forge in April 2016. Darker Still of her Magic Most Foul saga was a Scholastic “Highly Recommended” title and an American Booksellers Association “Indie Next List” pick. Her new Gaslamp Fantasy trilogy, The Eterna Files, an X-Files meets Penny Dreadful kind of series, is now available from Tor/Forge.

TaversiaTaversia is a model, author of Viscountess and Countess, and a diverse woman of mystery. When residing in Chicago she would dons a crimson costume to go out and fight hunger on the city streets. While living in Chicago she would assume her Crimson Catalyst identity and take food to the homeless on the streets to bring attention to homelessness and hunger but not to put herself forward for the attention so she wore the costume as an anonymous attention getter. Her novels involve the fall and rise of the heroine of her story in a post apocalyptic world. In the first novel, her airship is shot down and she is forced to fight her way back up to her former status and on to glory.

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