Symposium Session – What’s Under There?

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What’s Under There? The ‘Real’ Victoria’s Secret

Presented by Edwina Tweed

The ladies of the HMAS Dauntless will discuss and demonstrate what women would have worn before putting on the dress in the Victorian era, what layers you need to build the silhouette you desire and some practical tips for dressing for a con.


We will discuss the hows and whys of undergarments: what layers/garments you need to get fullness under a skirt (petticoats, crinolines, or a bustle cage & pad?), why you should be wearing ‘something’ under your corset (sweat eats linings away), and practical tips (how to get your thigh-his to stay up all day and how bifurcated drawers/ split knickers are a MUST for using the restroom.) We will also do a brief history lesson and well as a quick discussion into how those garments evolved to the modern day (aka the origin of the bra & girdle)
NOTE: There will be no nudity involved; this a G-rated panel


Commander Edwina Tweed

Edwina Tweed has been a Steampunk enthusiast for five years and a costumer for over three decades. Having switched tracks to more historical costuming has led to much research and a fascination with not only the outerwear, but what’s worn underneath as well as accessories, hairstyles and customs of the era.

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