Symposium Session – Steampunk as Metaphor

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Steampunk as Metaphor

Presented by Samantha Stephenson

Samantha Stephenson, singer and percussionist of the globetrotting Steampunk Folk Cabaret duo Frenchy and the Punk, will be conducting a panel on reinventing your life Steampunk-style.


Through principles of energy work, guided meditation/creative visualization and discussion, join this exploration on how what attracted you to Steampunk can be used as a metaphor for your life. Explore the possibility of taking a more active role in shaping and reinventing your present by tuning into what you always wanted your life to be and what you envision it could be in the future.


SamSoloSamantha Stephenson has been touring with Frenchy and the Punk for the past 10 years. Her path to her present life was not a direct one. She not only has experience in the world of dance; having studied dance since the age of 4, exercise training; as a certified aerobics instructor, the healing arts; as a certified Polarity Therapy practitioner and the visual arts but once led a life in the corporate realm after earning her Masters in Business Administration. Her journey has taken many twists and turns and she understands full well the meaning of transforming your life and finding the courage to walk your true path.

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