Symposium Session – SteamLolita: Where Steampunk meets Lolita

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SteamLolita: Where Steampunk meets Lolita

Presented by Sally Van Eycke

The ladies of the Airship Archon review the essentials of the Japanese fashion called Lolita and how it can be incorporated into your steampunk look, complete with advice on where to shop. A fun, fresh look for those who don’t always want to wear floor length gowns!

Introduction to Lolita and coverage of the essential elements of the fashion. Examples of different styles if Lolita will be discussed as well as commonalities between steampunk and Lolita. After some examples of steam Lolita fashion, there will be a discussion of where to shop as well as other further resources.


Sally Van EyckeSally Van Eycke is a connoisseur of clothing both frilly and scandalous. She has modeled for steampunk and Lolita inspired designers such as KMK Fashions, Samantha Rei, and Megan Maude. She also vacationed in Japan recently and shopped the famous Harajuku shopping district.


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