Symposium Session – Crowd Funding a Successful Project

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Crowd Funding: Prepping for a Successful Project and Following Through to “Funded!”

Presented by Robert Turk (aka Gandersnitch the Goblin)

The challenges of crowd funding your project and how to plan for success and achieve your funding goal. Presented by successful kickstarter authors Robert Turk.

Crowd funding is an awesome thing for today’s makers, however so many projects fail through poor planning, unrealistic expectations, and a basic misunderstanding about social media and how to leverage it for success. In this panel, successful kickstarters, Robert Turk share his experiences and knowledge to take you step by step through the preparation and follow though to improve your chances at achieve funding.



Robert Turk, the voice of Gandersnitch the Goblin, is a performer, artist, and author who successfully navigated kickstarter and social media to achieve 154% of funding needed for his collection of short stories. Travis Sivart is one of the authors and editors behind “Steampunk for Simpletons” which achieved over 400% of it’s funding through kickstarter.

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