SWFL Steampunks – Naples, Florida

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We are a new group in the southwestern corner of the state of Florida, with very few members. The age demographic here does not support much in the way of fringe culture, but we are determined to change that! Our area is already home to a known steampunk author, two steampunk bands, and a touring steampunk magician.

SWFL Steampunks Group

So far, the only “meet ups” we have tried to have are whenever one of the steampunk bands plays a show in the area. Nothing formal yet. 

If you find yourself in the area of Ft Myers, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Naples Florida while on vacation, PLEASE contact us to find out if one of the bands is playing or if there are any gatherings planned. We would love to make new friends in the world of steam!

SWFL Steampunks Leader

Dr Robere DeGraf

Dr. Robere DeGraf leads the SWFL Steampunks
To learn more visit their Facebook Page
or contact Mark Pettey at mark.pettey@comcast.net

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