Sunday Summary – September 7th, 2014

Sunday Summary Banner So did you miss anything this week? Here’s a look back on the articles we posted this week . . .

Emma_Nutt_circa_1878-1900HMAS Dauntless LeaderMonday, September 1st, we met Emma Nutt, the first ever female telephone operator, encountered the crew of Columbus, Ohio’s HMAS Dauntless and added them to the Midwest Steampunk Directory, and we announced the winner of the Paul McGann Photo Op at the Time Travelers’ Ball.

moonquicksandTuesday, September 2nd, we celebrated the 112th birthday of science fiction movies with Georges Méliès’s A Trip to the Moon, Zebulon Vitruvius Pike took us for a tour of The Hollow Earth and its historical theories, and Katie Daniels dispelled some myths about Quicksand.


Frederick_Douglass_c1860sTransolar_Galactica_2Wednesday, September 3rd, Frederick Douglass escaped to freedom, and Dr. Forge introduced us to the satirical web series Transolar Galatica, we reminded you that there was only six day left to enter the Doctor Who Cosplay Contestand The Uncommon Geek podcast looked at bullying.

TaleofPeterRabbit8Abney-Park-In-The-WastelandThursday, September 4th, we started the day with the birthday of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit, we highlighted the September Cincinnati Steampunk Salon, and took a look back at an earlier Abney Park song “The Wrong Side.”


Madame CurieTesla_circa_1890Friday, September 5th, the great scientist Madame Curie was rejected by the French Academy of Sciences, we presented a Sixth Doctor entry in the Doctor Who Cosplay Contest, and we looked at the cutting edge science of how electro-magnetic pulses can be used to repair brain damage. 


2014.08 WHO Contest Sq ENTER 2andersonSaturday, September 6th, we look at the history of Carnation Milk for breakfast, reminded you that there was only THREE DAYS left to enter the Doctor Who Cosplay Contest, and continued our exploration of strong female characters in sci-fi with Judge Anderson.


coneyislandbabyphoebenpiper 2Sunday, September 7th, in 1888 incubators begin their use to save premature babies, you only have TWO DAYS left to enter the Doctor Who Cosplay Contest, and we posted the Cliff Notes of Pandora, also known as the Sunday Summary 🙂


Be sure to follow the Pandora Society next week as we bring you more Doctor Who costume entries, more This Day in History, and beyond!

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