Sunday Summary – July 27, 2014

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So it used to be called the Friday In Conclusion, but now it’s the Sunday Summary, a look back on this week’s Pandora Society articles from July 21st to July 27th . . .

wbh2014.07 MayhemMonday began with a look back in time to Wild Bill Hickok who’s clothing was the inspiration for the 1996 Paul McGann Doctor Who outfit. We also presented a Summary of the Midsummer Masquerade. For the contest we featured The Time Stream Stabilizer and Lady Piper’s Extravagant Peepers. Also, we introduced Airship O’Reilly.


640px-De_Dion_stoomdriewielerThe Owen Society leaderTuesday, that day in history saw a steam powered car not quite win the first ever official car raceThe Owen Society for Hermetic and Spiritual Enlightenment became the latest member of the Midwest Steampunk Alliance, and the contest saw L’éclaireur and Wingsuit Version XL2. Dr. Forge introduced us to Voyage Trekkers.


Typographer 2MaskWednesday, we looked at the invention of the typewriter, and saw the addition of the Uncommon Geek podcast to the Pandora Society. Entries for the contest saw BabbageProf. Horatio Hops Steambrewery, Gantelet À Flux, Anti Magic Targeting Lenses, and the Mask of the Primcoggler.



Osei’s Incorporeality Key

Thursday, we celebrated the birthday of Amelia Mary Earhart, added the Corsair Iniquitous to the Midwest Steampunk Alliance. The latest entries for the contest were Cross Country GogglesOsei’s Incorporeality Key, and Valentine.



McCall 2Monster Kookies 3Friday, we looked back in history at the sinking of the Kowshingand added the Circle City Aerodrome to the Midwest Steampunk Alliance. The contest entries were the McCall GogglesOvercompression Jump Boots, the Tesla Equalizer, and the S.M.E.G. gun. New writer M. Leigh Hood interviewed artist Kimberly Hart about her polymer clay creations.


Willeford 680x400Centroid GroupSaturday, the Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets contest voting began! History wise, it was the day of another pilot, Edward Corringham “Mick” Mannock. On July 26th the Airship Centroid was having their annual cookout and Nerf War, so it was perfectly fitting that we added them to the Midwest Steampunk Alliance that day as well.





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