Sunday Summary – August 24th, 2014

Sunday Summary Banner So did you miss anything this week? Here’s a look back on the articles we posted this week . . .

Woodrow_Wilson-HLexMonday, August 18th, we started the week with President Woodrow Wilson’s Proclamation of Neutrality, but the BIG news was the results of the Old West Festival Costume Contest, the winner of the Popular Vote and the Judge’s Choice. We added The Sky Marshals of Wichita, Kansas to the Midwest Steampunk Directory.


UFO_202014.08 WHO Contest Sq ENTER 2Tuesday, August 19th, we went back to 1839 and looked at Louis Daguerre‘s contribution to photography, before traveling forward to the future of 1980 that never was with the 70’s show UFO. Most importantly, we and sponsor Who North America invited you to enter our next contest with the Doctor Who Cosplay Contest.


In-Thunder-Forgedepisode number pic 25Wednesday, August 20th, in 1852 the Atlantic collided with and sunk the Ogdensburg on Lake Erie, I looked back on how I came to cosplay the Eight Doctor, and the Steampunk Librarian joined the Pandora Society with her book review of In Thunder Forged. Plus we had another podcast from the Uncommon Geek reviewing GenCon.


2008.10 SalonCaptain Theo 2Thursday, August 21st, in 1931 Babe Ruth hit an important home run, we shared advice on how to start your own Steampunk group, and we revealed the first of the Doctor Who Cosplay Contest entries, this one from Captain Theo.



Vincenzo Peruggia

Susan Ivanova 3Friday, August 22nd, in 1911 Vincenzo Peruggia stole a very famous piece of art, Calamity Dawn entered the Doctor Who Cosplay Contest, and went back to the 90’s to look at another strong woman of science fiction, Susan Ivanova of Babylon 5



Rudolph Valentino 4dungeon-mockupSaturday, August 23rd, 1926 saw the death of dandy legend Rudolph Valentino, and Rebel Among The Stars entered the Doctor Who Cosplay Contest AS Tom Baker’s iconic scarf! Also, we took look at tales of adventure with gaming stories.



BurningofWashington18141st_dr_whoSunday, August 24th, 200 hundred years ago today, the British burned down Washington DC, we featured Col. Octavius Fogg cosplaying the very first Doctor for the Doctor Who Cosplay Contest, and finally this week we rolled it all together into this Sunday Summary 🙂


Be sure to follow the Pandora Society next week as we bring you more Doctor Who entries, more This Day in History, AND coverage from DragonCon!

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