Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest

2014.04.25 Costume Winner (Gintia)Ladies & Gentlemen of the Aether . . . behold our online contest for the month of June! We want to see your favorite outfits, post them, and have people vote for their favorite.

– Winner will receive merchandise from Pandora and either $50 or weekend pass to the Steampunk Empire Symposium.
– Winning costume picture will be used on promotional materials for the next Cincinnati Steampunk Salon and displayed on our website.
– Anyone from Anywhere around the world can enter.

You have between now and June 16th (a week from today) to enter this contest. To do so, please email the following to

– A full length picture of your outfit (multiple angles if possible).
– Your story of how you assembled the costume . . . Did you make it yourself? Commission it? Piece it together from various vendors, thrift stores, etc.? Your write up will also be featured on the website, so be creative. 150 words or less.

Starting on Thursday, June 19th, voting will begin to see which outfit our readers like the most.

2014.03 SESAND now . . . some rules . . .

– Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
– One person per photo. No group shots.
– You may only submit one entry per person.
– No illegal activity, sexually explicit material.
– No use of third party logos and no copy written material, UNLESS you have written permission from the owner/photographer of the picture (this can be done via email)

– By submitting a photo you are giving us permission (and that of the photographer) to use that image.
– Prizes will be awarded within 60 days of selection of winner.
– No substitutes allowed for prizes and they are not transferable.
– All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

Voting will begin on June 19th, and the winner will be announced at the next Cincinnati Steampunk Salon on Saturday, July 5th.

You have between now and June 16th (a week from today) to email your pictures and costume story to


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