Steampunk Eddie Joins the Symposium

If you watched the finale episode of Steampunk’d last night you already know that the grand winner is Steampunk Eddie . . . we are thrilled for Eddie, and we are equally thrilled to announce that Steampunk Eddie will be a guest of honor at the 2016 International Steampunk Symposium!

Steampunked Eddie

Steampunk Eddie, also known as Ed Thayer, is from Jackson, Michigan where many are already familiar with his art work at the Grand River Brewery. Eddie’s background involves 30 years working as an automotive customization specialist, so transforming this tinkering into steampunking objects was a natural progression, a progression that paid off big last night with Steampunk’d

SP Eddie WinnerRegardless of winning, Eddie already won over many Steampunks with his great attitude toward the art and the people of the community; “I think the most rewarding part of that is that I got to compete with these people,” he said. “Whether I made it through one episode or the whole thing, it was just a great opportunity. I met some great people — the casting crews, the producer — all these people I feel like I became friends with.”

We’ll have more about Eddie as we draw closer to the Symposium, but today we are especially thrilled and honored to have him join us in April the fifth annual International Steampunk Symposium and our “Adventures in Wonderland.”


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