“Steam Wars” Saturday

Sith Twilek

Shelby Duffy’s steampunk sith cosplay. Photo by Brian Marchman.

Today we are only TEN days away from the opening of the third annual Steampunk Empire Symposium! Which also means that you only have until midnight on April 20th to pre-reg for weekend badges and save $10.

The theme for weekend is “Steam Wars” which is open to many interpretations of Space Opera in a Victorian style, and while many will rejoice the opportunity to steampunk their favorite “Star Wars” characters, it is NOT mandatory to costume to the theme 🙂

Some will have “Steam Wars” outfits for all three days of the convention, but most will likely have just the one (myself included in the latter group), so Saturday, April 26th is going to be the main “Steam Wars” day with regards to costuming.

“May the Aether be with you.”

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