So Who are THESE Steampunks?

Lincoln SteampunkAs with any group of people generalizations are bound to occur . . . you have probably already heard that “Steampunks are all like this” or “Steampunks are all like that” and find yourself disagreeing and thinking that it’s more complicated than that.

We’ve had some questionnaires in the past, but this time we are helping a British college researcher gather information to get a real sense of how diverse the Steampunk Community can be in terms of socio-economics and political differences . . . in fact it amazes me that the Community manages to put aside many of its differences and enjoy each other’s company in a civil manner.

Later we will share the results of this survey, so if you are curious to know just how diverse we are as a community then please take a brief moment to answer these questions . . . thank you.



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