SIX days until the Symposium!

CourtneyOnly SIX days until Steampunk Symposium MMXIV, but last night “VERY Early Bird” tickets for the 2015 Symposium went on sale. Some of you may already know that my birthday is on April 17th, and to celebrate this with Symposium attendees I have decided to start an annual tradition of releasing a set heavily discounted tickets to the following year’s Symposium 🙂 This year 100 “VERY Early Bird” tickets are available until they sell out. CLICK HERE to see if any are left and save yourself $30 off a full weekend membership!

This year’s SCHEDULE is “mostly” finished, but a few changes are being made here and there. If you are planning to print your schedule we recommend waiting until April 24th to do so. Also on April 24th we  find out which three people win a pin in our Facebook “Show Your Allegiance” contest.

Only TWO DAYS remain to pre-reg for this year’s Symposium, which the cut off being midnight on April 20th; after that all tickets must be purchased onsite . . . prices HERE. Other deadlines? You have until April 23rd to purchase your Saturday Afternoon Tea.

Symposium MMXIV promises to be the BEST Steampunk Empire Symposium ever . . . and it makes sense that each year will get even better . . . so why not be amongst the lucky 100 who got their 2015 membership for just $35 🙂



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