Sinking City: Proof of a Lovecraftian Resurgence?


We seem to be in the midst of a Lovecraftian resurgence. Another studio is now hard at work on a tale of madness and monsters pulled from the pages of Lovecraft’s darkest mythos.

Sinking City is an “open world investigation Lovecraftian game.” Like Call of Cthulhu: the Official Video Game, the developers are using relatively new trends in gaming to explore new ground. While the makers of Call of Cthulhu had already touted their use of stealth mechanics, their game appears to be more or less linear. On the other hand, Sinking City is open world, a style of gaming made extremely popular by games like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Open world stories necessitate flexibility and side missions.

Frogwares, Sinking City’s designer, is not new to this genre. After several mystery games incorporating the sleuthing adventures of Sherlock Holmes, a Jules Verne exploration, and even a dip into pure Gothic horror with Dracula, the company is ready to expand not only their literary library, but their collection of gaming styles. Frogwares has, in fact, mucked about with the be-tentacled elder god before. One of their Sherlock games was in fact a cross with H.P. Lovecraft’s iconic world of nightmares. Sinking City promises to be something new and different, though, and judging by the screencaps posted on Frogwares’ website, the setting alone will be worth some serious investigation.

M. Leigh Hood is a rare beast of the Cincinnati wilderness typically preoccupied with writing, nerding, and filming The Spittoon List. For more articles and stories by M. Leigh Hood, look HERE.

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