September 6th, 1901 – The President Shot!


On September 6th, 1901, anarchist Leon Czolgosz shot and fatally wounded US President William McKinley at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York.

Leon Czolgosz 2

Leon Frank Czolgosz (May 5th, 1873 – October 29th, 1901)

Czolgosz traveled to Buffalo, New York on August 31st, 1901 the site of the Pan-American Exposition, where he rented a room in Nowak’s Hotel at 1078 Broadway. On September 6th, Czolgosz went to the exposition armed with a .32 caliber Iver Johnson “Safety Automatic” revolver he had purchased four days earlier for $4.50. 

mckinley-assassinationHe approached McKinley, who had been standing in a receiving line inside the Temple of Music, greeting the public for ten minutes. At 4:07 P.M., Czolgosz reached the front of the line. McKinley extended his hand. Czolgosz slapped it aside and shot the President in the abdomen twice, at point-blank range: the first bullet ricocheted and lodged in McKinley’s jacket; the other seriously wounded him. McKinley died eight days later of an infection which had spread from that wound. Members of the crowd immediately attacked Czolgosz, as McKinley slumped backward. The President said, “Go easy on him, boys. He could not have known.”



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