“ScreamPunk” Costume Contest – Steampunk Sally

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Ladies and Gentlemen, today we present to you our latest entry for the October “ScreamPunk” Costume Contest . . . Splinter of Florence, Kentucky as a Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Splinter 1I had made a traditional Sally dress before, and then one month before DragonCon, I had an idea. An idea that became an all out obsession resulting in every evening sewing, troubleshooting problems, all in a desperate attempt to make Victorian/Steampunk Sally happen beforeDragonCon. Made it happen, and I could not be prouder of the result.

The dress base was a cream strapless bridesmaid dress I found at Goodwill. I built Sally around it, altering the dress to fit, sketching the pattern for the pieces on the dress, building straps off the dress (with fabric I removed from it that had been a sash) and then sleeves off the straps. All the fabric in the dress was purchased and put together by me (with help from my love, Bret). Then I added the stitch detailing between each piece, a leather neckline with rivets to make it more streamlined, a hike in the front of the skirt by sewing interior ribbons, and a homemade bustle pillow in the back to give it volume. Purchased the small corset, gloves, hose, socks, and shoes online. Altered the gloves to add stitching. Make-up done by myself and Bret who had the great idea of doing the cartoon eyes. I made the fascinator from a clip, leather I cut and dyed, feathers, fake flowers, and a coffin/skeleton pendant, though I don’t think it’s very visible here. Sally had her basket from a flea market, complete with an antique bottle and key from the same flea market, purchased scrap fabric, and a purchased bottle. Basket acted as a purse with all my stuff hidden under the fabric.

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You have between now and October 22nd to enter this contest . . . click HERE for entry details.

Starting on Friday, October 24th, voting will begin to see which outfit our readers like the most. Voting ends on Halloween at Midnight (EST) and the results will be first announced on November 1st, at the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon.


Screampunk CoverScreamPunk was developed into a role-play expansion of Steve Jackson’s GURPS system . . .

It is an Age of Revolution; the world has been cruelly purged . . . in fire, and blood, and steam. From the past, untold horrors wait to clutch at men’s souls. It is an Age of Invention; even the Laws of Nature must fall before the power of Progress! Sinister villains plot to use their newfound inventions against society, nature, and even God Himself! It is an Age of Steam; the most brilliant minds of the age experiment with novel, wondrous ideas – but is mankind ready for such power?

Although no longer available in print, one may acquire this dark knowledge for the mere price of $2.99 by downloading the PDF from the Steve Jackson Games website.

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