RVA Steampunk Salon – March 2016

RSS_colors_smallThe Richmond Steampunk Society in Richmond, Virginia hosted another of it’s regular monthly Steampunk Salons on March 5th, 2016. At first glance it looked like we might hit what has become our usual number of ten attendees, but we were surprised to actually set a record, getting up to 14 in total, even if not all of them were there for the whole time. There were a couple of +1s bringing new members to our flock of regulars.

We had a few bumps during the event, specifically a lack of chairs and table space. We had picked the specific time and day because the owner thought it would give us enough space for us to be in the “slow” period of the day, but lately they’ve been packed when we get there, almost every time. So this month we arrived to find our usual space in the window to be full of diners already. Eventually, as people left we were able to get our table, but not enough space really until much later. I’d hate to have to find a new venue, but if we are growing and this space can’t accommodate us we may have to find someplace new.


Attendance and space matters aside, there had been a poll on our Facebook event page to pick a topic for this month, unfortunately it was tied for three things. 🙂 Hanah Tikva brought steampunk books to trade/share/give and Alexander von Zoeller-sahhar brought another of his mystery inventions. An electrical device of some kind, he is a brilliant inventor of mysterious objects that no one seems to know how to work. Halfway through the afternoon I moved over to a second table so a few late arrivals wouldn’t have to sit alone, so the subject of conversation at the main table is lost to me.

At the second table we ended up talking about old school goth and I shared a lot of my old club photos from Chicago. I explained the theory that middle aged steampunks are just goths that discovered the color brown. Everyone laughs at it like it’s a joke, but I often find it to be true. I’ve been trying to attract members of the local goth bar here though and I’ve had limited success.

Well, that’s it I guess, I look forward to our next salon on April 2nd, the week before Hanah and I leave to visit our friends in Cincinnati and attend the International Steampunk Symposium!


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