Registered Airships for the 2015 Symposium Games

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Ladies and Gentlemen, in just under three months the glorious Symposium Games will be upon us once more, and we shall witness twelve officially registered Steampunk Groups from the region engage in “gentlemanly” sport against each other. This year’s contest for the Symposium Trophy will be between the following groups:

  • Airship Athena of Athens, Ohio
  • Airship Hypatia of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Airship Passepartout of Dayton, Ohio
  • Circle City Aerodrome of Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Cleveland Zeppelin Union of Cleveland, Ohio
  • Corsair Iniquitous of Florence, Kentucky
  • Dodge City Airship of Covington, Kentucky
  • Mischief Makers of Middleville, Michigan
  • Tempus Fugit of Cincinnati, Ohio
  • The Dastardly Alliance of Detroit, Michigan
  • The Kraken Alliance of Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Mystery Airship, to be announced

symposium_games_pin3_2013-brassThis year the Symposium Games will occur in two rounds, the first being for registered airship crew members, and the second being an open round for anyone wishing to compete for prizes and have some fun.

Learn more about this year’s list of games by clicking HERE.

And may the odd always be your flavor!


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