The RACKA RACKA and the Epic Nerf Gun Battle



Have you seen this?! Before you go any farther give this video you full attention. This is the real link to the real HD video.

Now since that video was released a few months ago they have stepped up their game even farther with this Portal Gun Battle.

So who are these guys? I bet you have seen them before! Does this look familiar…

That’s right! It’s Danny Philippou and his RackaRacka crew! Famous for their insane backyard wrestling and over the top Ronald McDonald videos. They are now older, a tiny bit safer, and quite adept in post edit special effects. Now 22 years old, Danny, the creative mind behind The RackaRacka, an Aussie film team — featuring many of the grown-up “Epic Childhood” crew — who combine martial arts, special effects and sick-as-hell NSFW comedy into massively viral online videos, is a very hard man to talk to. Especially with the huge time difference. I will update with a transcription of our chat when I can get it SFW 🙂 I’ll say this though, they are the real deal. Not one single bit of formal video training and all the stunts are dangerous, don’t even attempt to do what they do.

Danny tells me that they have many projects on the way that will appeal to a larger audience of geeks, although I adore the Ronald McDonald video and the “Want to see a dead body” one keeps me in giggles for hours on end.

Ok, best place to keep updated is here:

Seems like these guys are really getting noticed and I guarantee you’ll see them in a theater with a major movie very soon.

Forge Out!

Flourish 1

TPS Store Banner Nerf 2

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