Psychic Protection – Holiday Edition

All times of year there are things that may be done for general protection, both physical and psychic/spiritual realm.

Typically in the psychic and spiritual realm we are particularly concerned with loss of energy and spiritual drain on mental and emotional health, but I’m including some things that deal with the physical as well.

shopping-mallWith shopping crowds, traffic, and family get togethers, many people are in closer proximity than usual, and it is an emotionally charged time of highs and lows. There is excitement and anticipation, stress, anxiety, and disappointment.  All of this emotional energy is very, well, contagious.  This article is the “holiday edition” addressing  the impact, and defenses to be used unique to this time of year.

I’m going to strive to go in order of the most mundane and easiest methods , to the more magical, and everything I suggest you probably already have or is very easily obtainable.

First, a daily meditation practice is very helpful for starting from a calm space, and also creating more true perception of what is happening around you.  Next, try to maintain a personal space of arms length around you.

If you are in a public place and begin feeling anxious or stressed, move out of a crowd to a comfortable, well lit space.

Choose who you allow in this space by consent. Don’t feel forced into physical contact if you are uncomfortable with it, and don’t force “littles” to “hug granny”. If they don’t want to hug, don’t make them hug. Teach your children that consent is important.

When you feel nasty feels or thoughts, step back and consider whether if they are your own, of if you may be picking up someone else’s “junky vibes”, the negative emotions that they are essentially radiating.

Diet is important. Avoid excesses or extremes, but be sure to get in some protein. Drink plenty of water.

Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good, or even that you feel “powerful” in. Got a “lucky” or “blessed” piece of jewelry? Wear that as well.

78139242_large_element_shieldYou may like to visualize a shield. For some this is a sphere or circle around them.  You could also ‘imagine’ yourself as a favorite ‘strong’ character or historical figure.

Moving a bit more into the magical realm, salt has a long  history of protection , particularly in ceremonial magic and its literally everywhere and often free. Sprinkle it, make a line, use it to make a circle.

Incense, and also fragranced candles can be purifying, as well as affect the mood. Smells make people happy, use them strategically. Holiday scents can be fine, but food scents to me are annoying. Bergamot, especially in the form of burning oil, is a great mood lifter. These are also very good because they are subtle and seem natural to the season in the home.

Stars are very holiday, and as subtle pentacle can quite protective.  It might be on the tree, on an outdoor decoration, or as a piece of jewelry. Remember it doesn’t have to look “witchy” to be protective.

The following seasonal herbs and plants are protective as well.

Holly has historical associations of being  protective , particularly placed on the outside of the door. It may be alone, or as part of a wreath. If you have the ability to have a plant, even better. It is particularly appealing to those of a Druidic interest.

Mistletoe as well is considered lucky and protective. This one goes back to Rome and Greece.  Do be advised that care is to be taken that don’t get eaten by children or pets.

Strategically look for these items not only in nature or ‘occult’ or ‘witchy’ shops, but also more subtle versions cost less , and are less obvious to others if you find or make with materials from a craft or hobby store such as “Mike’s” or one for whom works hobbies.

Best wishes for a happy and  safe  Holiday Season !


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