Professor Elemental at the Steampunk Symposium?

Professor-Elemental-Album-webIt will not be official until the end of October, but the Pandora Society has approached Professor Elemental to be our main music guest at the Steampunk Symposium MMXV in April 2015 and he has indeed expressed an interest in coming to Cincinnati for the Midwest’s Best Steampunk Convention (according to the Steampunk Chronicle Readers’ Choice Awards 2014).

Expect several other acts new to the Symposium, but also a few Symposium favorites . . . please comment below as to what entertainment acts you would like to see join us in 2015 for “Around the World in 80 Days.”

4 Responses to “Professor Elemental at the Steampunk Symposium?

  • Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands were amazing at the last Symposium. It would be great to see them back again!

  • It would be incredible if the Symposium attempted to book Steam Powered Giraffe.

  • I really enjoyed the Bawdy Boys at the last World Steam Expo. I liked Qiet at Symposium last year….

  • Just saw “This Way to the Egress” at Steampunk Unlimited in PA. They were FANTASTIC! I’m sorry I missed them at Symposium 2011.

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