Pop Haydn and the Magic of Steam

Pop Haydn at the World Steam Expo 2011

Pop Haydn at the World Steam Expo 2011

Last year February was proclaimed “International Steampunk Month” by fans.  It began with Seattle, Washington, Steampunk fan, Kevin Steil and his Facebook page, “Steampunk Hands Around the World.”  After checking in with Kevin last year he said it changed as the word got out.  So through the magic of the internet, people started calling it International Steampunk Month.  With February just around the corner it seems appropriate to mention my favorite steampunk Master of Magic, Pop Haydn.

Pop and Nancy Haydn in front of Hollywood's Magic Castle

Pop and Nancy Haydn in front of Hollywood’s Magic Castle

Whit “Pop” Haydn is an internationally renowned performer and six-time winner of Hollywood’s Magic Castle Performer of the year award.  For those unfamiliar, the Magic Castle is the Carnegie Hall of Magic and to win a Performer of the Year award is the equivalent of winning the Academy Awards of Magic.

Pop Haydn at his shocking best

Pop Haydn at his shocking best

Mr. Haydn has been performing magic since his childhood and it is only in recent years that he has taken on the name and the steampunk character of Pop Haydn.  His “Pop Haydn” persona is a contemporary of Tesla and Edison who, through experimentation with providing a western town with wireless energy, inadvertently transported himself and the entire village to modern times.

Pop Haydn framed by a Chinese ring

Pop Haydn framed by a Chinese ring

When Pop walks on the stage you know you are in the presence of a true master of magic.  He is also a master of comedy as his hilarious routine for Pop’s Miracle Oil is a marvelous example. 

In his younger days before becoming a career magician Pop was on the path to becoming a minister. While at an event at his seminary, one of the professors observed him performing and suggested that, perhaps Magic was his true calling.  Check out the interview with Pop and his lovely wife Nancy and then check him out on FacebookYoutube, and follow him on Twitter.  Don’t forget to wish them a Happy International Steampunk Month!

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