Paul McGann at the Time Travelers’ Ball

Night of the DoctorIt is now confirmed that Doctor Who actor Paul McGann will be at the Time Travelers’ Ball on Saturday, September 20th, 2014!

Contrary to public knowledge, McGann’s portrayal as the eighth Doctor places him as the actor with the longest tenure as the Doctor. His debut came in 1996 with the TV movie, and despite the lack of a follow up series, McGann was still very busy with numerous Doctor Who audio dramas with Big Finish Productions and was not replaced until 2005 (unless you count 2003 and Richard E Grant in “Scream of the Shalka“) by Christopher Eccleston. Tom Baker held the reigns of the TARDIS for seven years . . . McGann’s time is nine years.

As part of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebration, McGann revised his role for the online short “Night of the Doctor” and furthered salivated fan’s desire to see more of the Eighth Doctor in action . . . and this September, Cincinnati will see him arrive in the TARDIS to save the Time Travelers’ Ball.

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