Steampunk Symposium 2014 Performances

We are thrilled to have such a dynamic and varied line up of bands and performers for the 2014 Steampunk Symposium Stage . . .

Voltaire SQVoltaire

A songwriter whose music can best be described as a collection of murder ballads, tongue-in-cheek exercises in the macabre, with just enough bawdy songs about Star Trek and Star Wars to keep a convention audience rolling in the aisles. Many know him for his songs “Brains!” and “Land of the Dead” from the Cartoon Network show “The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy”.



Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esquire

From an alternate timeline where nations race to be the first to claim the soil of Mars, but Victoria is still Queen of England, comes Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esquire: professional dilettante and curmudgeon, and sometime lyricist.



Crystal Bright ProfileCrystal Bright & the Silver Hands

The group has an eclectic, haunting but yet whimsical, carnivalesque world folk sound, dubbed “kaleidophrenic cabaret”. Singer/Songwriter Crystal Bright plays accordion, musical saw, concertina, piano, Taiko drum, adungu (Ugandan harp), and various others.




Ford Theatre Reunion

Ford Theatre Reunion has been on a quest to return sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll to the circus since 2008.  Despite the  unusual instrumentation, challenging song arrangements, and fanciful dress, even the casual observer will recognize what FTR’s main purpose is . . .  Let no one say the accordion cannot devastate buildings and earlobes.  Let no one say the clarinet cannot be scary.  The Ford Theatre Reunion.  We are here to eat you.


The premiere power metal troupe! As a concept group, the band weaves their steampunk epic through stage costume, larger-than-life glory-seeking lyrics, and a heavy sound. AUTOMATON’s influences include the classic Iron Maiden and Dio, as well as modern power metal acts such as Falconer and Turisas.


Chakras BannerCHAKRAS

Chakras originated in 2008. As time progressed and members changed, the sound has progressed to the personality of the current 2010 lineup. Influences range from Faith No More, Lacuna Coil, Tool, Tori Amos to Mazzy Star. Chakras drummer, Steve K., & guitarist, Bill M., both came from metal backgrounds. This is balanced by Bassist, Jeff C., Guitarist , Mark S., & Keyboardist / Cello, Trice S., who come from mainstream rock backgrounds. Andrea’s vocal stylings fall somewhere in the middle.

Drunk and SailorDrunk & Sailor

Drunk & Sailor rock the boat with rousing drinking songs and sea chanteys performed in a highly interactive format. “Lucky” audience members might find themselves dragged onstage to be part of the crew!



Travis Fessler and the Pickled Brothers CircusPickled Brothers Circus
The Steampunk Empire Symposium Emcees

A Pickled Brothers Circus event can include any or all of the following: Human Blockhead, Fire-Eating, Mental Floss, Sword Swallowingm, Glass Walking, Bed of Nails, Bullwhip Artistry, Juggling and other amazing feats of skill. They do a variety of show types at events including Classic Circus, Vaudeville/1800s/Old West Show, Roving Circus Entertainment, Medieval/Renaissance Theme Show and Circus Sideshow.

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