About Pandoracon

So what makes Pandoracon so different? Pandoracon is a fan centered convention built on interactive programming.

One of the primary goals of Pandoracon is provide fans of science fiction, fantasy, and all fandoms a weekend celebration that is packed with fun things to do and of which to be a part. Pandoracon attendees can choose their level of engagement from observer to champion of the con, and some places in-between . . . the program is designed to be inclusive and allow attendees to be a part of the vibrant community that is Pandoracon.

Pandoracon 2012’s Doctor Who photo shoot.

Over the course of the weekend, Pandoracon attendees are divided into one of the four Houses of Pandoracon . . . the House of Clubs, the House of Diamonds, the House of Hearts, and the House of Spades. Each House has a king and queen who were selected at the recent Midsummer Masquerade . . . these crowns will lead their Houses in friendly competition that spans the weekend, games run by the infamous Jokers of Pandoracon, and points will be earned by each House. During Sunday’s closing ceremonies the Jokers will tally the points and declare which House was the victor for Pandoracon 2013.

Pandoracon also offers everything else that you might expect from a regular convention. More about that coming soon . . .

Pandoracon Code of Conduct

Click to see pictures from last year’s Pandoracon: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday . . . and of course the Doctor Who photo shoot.

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