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Pandoracon is Cincinnati’s premiere Sci-Fi & Fantasy convention that celebrates all aspects of geek culture. This year our theme is Cyberpunk, but programming caters to all levels of fandom including anime, gaming, comics, cosplay, and so much more.

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The theme for Pandoracon 2016 is Cyberpunk, which means that our decor, posters and flyers, and about a quarter of the session programming will be theme inspired; it does not mean that you have to dress in Cyberpunk costuming . . . Pandoracon’s policy as has always been come as you are and celebrate your favorite fandoms. From its conception, Pandoracon has always been a very different type of multi-genre, multi-media, multi-fandom convention that places the attendees at the heart of the programming.Pandoracon is a pioneer in interactive participatory conventions, which allows attendees to participate on various levels over the course of the weekend depending on comfort level . . . you can quietly observe and soak it all in, or you can be the star of the show, or perhaps a bit of both. In addition to vendors and panels, Pandoracon also has table top gaming, concerts, video gaming, dances, role playing games, amazing parties, screenings, and more, but what elevates Pandoracon above the average sci-fi fantasy convention is the Houses of Pandoracon in which the whole convention is divided into four competing groups: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades.

Each house has a crown, previously a king and queen, who rally all the willing attendees in their House to participate in a series of contests that occur throughout the weekend (you don’t have to play if you don’t want to). Points are earned by attendees that can either be cashed in for prizes and “upgrades,” or donating to their Houses who add up the points to see which House wins. These points come a variety of activities, but the main avenue to win points and glory are the Pandoracon Games!

For 2016 the Houses will be four mega-corporations struggling to gain dominance and the PriGen, a secret piece of coding that will unlock a hidden mystery of cyberspace. Hackers and street samurai will battle in arenas of urban decay and cyberspace for their masters who long to possess the PriGen . . . 

Come November 2016, most of the Blue Ash Crowne Plaza will have the ambiance of a dark neon lit future where danger might lurk around every corner, but the Games Arena in the main stage is the unearthly cyberspace of the Grid . . . freed from the burdens of the real world, but just as deadly with hostile security programs and hacker assassins . . .

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