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Established in 2012, Pandoracon is Cincinnati’s premiere Sci-Fi & Fantasy geek culture convention. Fans of science fiction, fantasy, anime, gaming, retro-futurism, cosplay, and more will be congregating in Cincinnati this November for our panels, presentations, screenings, music, vendors, performers, and general mischief making. A number of businesses have already signed up to be sponsors, but we would like to invite more companies to take advantage of our spectrum of advertising opportunities that begin as low as $45.


The biggest sponsorship opportunity that we can offer is to be the Exclusive Event Sponsor of the whole event, but there are also cheaper opportunities to be an Event Sponsor. These sponsors can display their banners at the entrance of the convention and at the main stage, will appear on printed promotional materials for the show, get a full page color ad in the program book, and receive several other promotional perks. Please email to get more information and pricing.

Our most popular levels of sponsorship come in the form of Room Sponsors who sponsor a specific meeting room of the convention. Room Sponsors can display their banner in the room, and, in most cases, have an ad displayed at the front of the room before and after sessions via the room’s digital projector. The Room Sponsor’s name will also be mentioned in all printed materials that relate to programming in that room. The average cost of room sponsorships is $200 for the whole weekend; email to get more information, or learn more about the Main Stage Sponsor opportunity.

The most popular means of advertising at Pandoracon is our Program Book. The show’s schedule and important information is contained within this full color 28 page collectors’ booklet and all attendees are given a copy. The book is 8 1/2 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide, with full page ads measuring 7 1/2 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide for $120 each. Half page ads measure 4.25 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide for $70, and quarter page ads are banner shaped at 2 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide for $45 each. We also have the exclusive back page that receives the maximum number of impressions generated by the program book. To learn more about the back page, or to purchase ad space, please email

It is also possible for just $100 to sponsor one of the weekend’s special events or contests, and for the even lower price of $50 you can be a part of the live action role playing (LARP) game that we are running with your ad on the back of 1000 business card size playing cards for the game. Please email to learn more about these opportunities.

As part of our Cyberpunk theme decor, digital projectors will be projecting ads on prominent wall spaces at the convention. ALL sponsors’ ads will be part of this slideshow that runs throughout the convention with increased frequency given to higher level sponsors.


030715 PC 2016 Banner

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