Pandora Cinematheque: The Maker

“A strange creature races against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life.”

The Maker is a captivating, multi award-winning stop-motion animation set in a one-room world, in which a small mouse-like creature possesses a mysterious book with a singular set of instructions – to construct a companion. The hour glass spins in it’s cradle and time begins to drain; the work begins. Tragically, once his companion comes to life, the creator experiences only a fleeting embrace before his time is done, and he dissipates into the air, leaving the newly formed creature alone, holding the book, to repeat the same inexorable process.

TheMaker5The complex violin score by Paul Halley perfectly guides the story, and within the film it’s the music of the violin that awakens the lifeless creation. The symbolism is clear; how hard it is to truly communicate with another person, to be understood, to feel close. With so little time left, the creator desperately tries to elicit a response from his new friend. Like so often in life, actual connection needs a common language, common ground, but then when it’s achieved, it should be cherished – so the creator plays his violin, and his friend awakens. Upon his ‘death’, the creator dissolves and his released energy resets the room, but not before he has passed the legacy on. One breathes life into the other, on and on, perhaps forever.

the-maker-1The room where this cyclic event takes place is a cross between a doll-house and an old fashioned laboratory – it lends to the sense that someone or something is watching the whole thing transpire, observing the endless loop of life and death. The aesthetic of the film is bewitching, the components are beautifully crafted in fabric, wood, glass and clay – the puppets both alien and endearing, the settings intricately detailed.

The film is achingly sad – there’s a lingering sense of futility and desperation in the actions of the puppets, yet it echoes with some hope that perhaps we can find that true connection with someone before it’s too late.

Directed by Christopher Kezelos and released 2011.

The title track ‘Winter’ by Paul Halley is available on Spotify.

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