2017 Steampunk Olympics – Nerf Dueling

Nerf Dueling. Presented by Peter Beerslayer & Don Dodson III. Duelists will face off in a single-elimination tournament. A bracket will be created at the beginning of the event, so please be on time, as no participants can be added once the first shot is fired. The winner of a duel moves forward in the bracket, […]

2017 Steampunk Olympics: Airship Caduceus

Heralding from the skies of Lexington, Kentucky comes the Airship Caduceus to join the fun and mirth of the 2017 Steampunk Olympics! The sky was now thick with hot smoke off a thousand fresh mortar shells. Regardless, the old Doctor stared at the sky with a grin. “I dare believe I caught its crest in the flash of […]

2017 Steampunk Olympics: FSS Mutineers

Heralding from the skies of Dayton, Ohio comes the FSS Mutineers to wreak their style of havoc and mayhem on the 2017 Steampunk Olympics! The crew of the FSS Mutineers were bonded together through determination, mistrust, and suspicion. After all, someone killed Captain Lucky, but no one will admit to who. It seems if no one takes […]

2017 Steampunk Olympics

Presented by Peter Beerslayer & Don Dodson III. More than half a decade ago, dozens of airship crews from all across the state, the nation, and even the globe converged in Cincinnati, Ohio to compete in the first ever Steampunk Olympics, the signature special event of the International Steampunk Symposium! This year the tradition continues with many […]

Symposium 2017 Session – O Gothic Novel!

O Gothic Novel! Presented by Leanna Renee Hieber & Cherie Priest. A discussion about the beloved, the beleaguered, the magnificent and sometimes ridiculous Gothic Novel. Come on, you know you want to run away from a huge dark mansion in your nightgown. Let’s talk about it.

Symposium 2017 Session – LGBTQ in Science Fiction and Fantasy

LGBTQ in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Presented by Diana Pho. In recent years, queer characters are becoming more prevalent in science fiction and fantasy, but we still have a long way to go.

Symposium 2017 Session – Short Fiction

Short Fiction. Presented by Sarah Hans and Maurice Broaddus. Is there a Steampunk short story in you waiting to get out?

Symposium 2017 Session – Steaming Ahead: Navigating Indie & Self-Publishing

Steaming Ahead: Navigating Indie & Self-Publishing. Presented by Sophia Beaumont & Ash K. Alexander.

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