Birth year movies

I blogged about this years ago on my personal blog, but I think those at will get a kick out of this exercise too, so I’m going to revisit it. http:/ , which is my defacto source for movie data (not necessarily movie details) has a database that is useful for all kinds of […]

The Traveling Revelers & ConSociology

Joining Pandoracon are the Traveling Revelers. These two gentlemen of leisure and pleasure have made it their mission to make the world a better place through exceptional flirting and great adult beverages (and helping others create and enjoy both of them) They admit that it is actually a self serving mission because the more people who […]

Pandoracon Style

So what’s going to make Pandoracon different from any other multi-genre fandom convention? In large part, you! Pandoracon is designed to be a participatory convention that encourages attendees to be a more active part of the fun. There’s a lot of cons out there that are essentially one big hall filled with tables, a celebrity […]

Win Tickets to Pandoracon!

On Friday, June 1st, Pandoracon will GIVE AWAY a weekend badge to TWO WINNERS! Simply sign up and subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed (see the box over there to the left . . . ) to be entered into the drawing. Even if you have already purchased tickets to Pandoracon you can enter into the […]

Cyber-punk meets Rock n’ Roll High School!

Well hello Space Cadets! This week we’re travelling to the land of the rising sun to witness a screaming testament to the bleak future that awaits us all! Hooray!  We’re taking a look at one of Japan’s earliest forays into cyber/diesel-punk cinema with the loud, brash Burst City!  It’s a little bit Warriors a little bit […]

Pandoracon Wants You!

Already, Pandoracon and its staff of veteran nerds have many things planned for the inaugural year program, but we are also making an open call to experts and presenters on all things geeky and fandom to submit proposals for panels at the convention. Three panels, or more, will secure a comp badge to what is already […]

He brought the gift of death…

Well hello space cadets! This week’s film is by request (proving I’m not the only one out there with deplorable tate in cinema)! It’s a confusing little gem from 1974: ZARDOZ!!!! Sean Connery (in one of his proudest moments) stars as Zed, a barbarian of sorts from the other side of a futuristic world. His […]

Women of Awesomeness: The Ladies of the Big Bang Theory

I present to you today’s triumvirate of Womanly Awesomeness: The Ladies of The Big Bang Theory, Penny, Bernadette and Amy Farrah Fowler. While individually all three of these characters are pretty cool, it’s when they come together to form Voltron… wait, that’s something else entirely. Anyways, it’s the three of them, their chemistry and interactions […]

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