Win dinner with the Stars of Pandoracon!

Pandoracon is giving you a great reason to pre-reg for the show. ALL who have purchased a full weekend ticket to Pandoracon by July 31, 2012 will be entered in a draw to win dinner with Jason Carter (Marcus Cole from Babylon 5) and Travis Richey (Inspector Spacetime from Community). August 1, 2012 we will find […]

The Official Poster of Pandoracon!

On Saturday, July 21, at the Midsummer Masquerade, we finally revealed the full Pandoracon 2012 poster, and so now, for those who weren’t there, HERE is the official Pandoracon 2012 poster, designed and painted by guest artist Billy Tackett. But watch out for another original poster coming to Pandoracon soon . . . this year […]

The Crowns of Pandoracon!

The Midsummer Masquerade was truly a night of masked magic and mirth (see the Cincinnati Metromix pictures here), and it also saw the contest to determine the “crowns” for each House of Pandora . . . which we now proudly present! The back row from the left, Emma Peelout the Queen of Hearts, Sebastian Scott […]

Official Poster Reveal

You have probably already seen this on Facebook as these last few days we have been slowly peeling back the black cover to reveal new parts of our official Pandoracon 2012 poster designed by special guest Billy Tackett. As you can see, it is indeed the Doctors looking rather spooky, but what will the eleventh […]

The Green Slime Are Coming!

Well hello all you space cadets! Butch R. Cleaver here, from Cincinnati’s premiere psychotronic cinema show, Meet Cleaver Theatre! The powers of the Pandoracon have beamed me in to share a special series of b-grade sci-fi features with you . . . and are we starting off with a bang! This week’s deliciously rotten TV […]

The Pandora Society Exhibitor Policies

HOLD HARMLESS By agreeing to exhibit at a Pandora Promotions LLC event, the exhibitor agrees to protect, keep and save Pandora Promotions LLC and any employee or volunteer of the Pandora Promotions LLC forever harmless from any damages, loss, theft, cost, liability, act of God, terrorism or expenses that arise from their exhibiting at this […]

The Virgin Sacrifice to the Gods of a Ghastly Galaxy!

Well hello space cadets! This week we’re looking at a very retro episode of the original MCT show featuring a nice slice of British Sci-fi cinema! It’s 1967’s “The Terrornauts” Residents of a radio telescope laboratory are kidknapped when they answer a mysterious signal from outer space. They are taken to a satelite inhabited only […]

Your first “insert life changing event here”.

Everyone has a first something or other that had an astounding effect on their lives, good or bad. Whether it’s your first kiss, your first car, your first girlfriend/boyfriend or even your first broken bone or hospital stay. Well if you’ve read any of my previous blogs here at Pandoracon, you’ll know I’m stuck in […]

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