Room for the next Pandoracon?

If you have been following Pandoracon for a while now you will already be familiar with the fact that we are going to give away two hotel room nights for one lucky winner on Sunday, September 30th; we will pick up the cost of the two nights* by presenting the winner with a check. But […]

Win Tickets to the Time Travelers’ Ball

Buy your Pandoracon tickets between now and midnight on Friday, August 17, 2012 and you will be automatically entered into a drawing for our next prize giveaway for those who pre-register for Pandoracon. This time you might win two tickets to the Time Travelers’ Ball! Last September saw the first Cincinnati Time Travelers’ Ball, a […]

The House Banners

In the next few days we shall run articles in which each House gives us a description of the spirit and personality of their House. Those who have pre-registered and already bought their tickets will have the opportunity to express a preference toward which House they would like to belong (those buying tickets at the […]

Preparations for Pandoracon

Tuesday evening, August 7th, a portion of the Pandoracon crew went for a tour of the hotel to get things prepped for the convention’s inaugural gathering in seven and a half weeks time. Starting from the left, in the back we see Jim Fox (director of the gaming program), Spencer Martin (an Ace of Pandoracon), […]

Pandoracon Docks at The Cool Ship

The Cool Ship is somewhat of a new kid on the block when it comes to geek news and thought, but they are definitely making waves. Cool Ship has an active core of articulate writers, covers a wide variety of geek and gamers news, including a story revealing the ways that Mitt Romney is like […]

Win a Signed Print

Buy your Pandoracon tickets before midnight of Friday, August 10th, 2012 and you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win a high quality print of this painting, and the only writing on it will be artist Billy Tackett’s signature.

Building the TARDIS

We have promised you a life sized blue police box, sometimes known as a TARDIS, for Pandoracon (Sept. 28-30, 2012) and we shall deliver on that promise. Our TARDIS team has been hard at work constructing a replica of the good Doctor’s vehicle for travel through time and relative dimension in space, and it shall […]

The Art of Billy Tackett

Billy Tackett is well known for pioneering the “zombiefication” art of popular icons . . . Zombie Uncle Sam, “Tiffany IS Breakfast,” and many more . . . But his zombie art is not just limited to terrestrial beings; it stretches to long ago, far away galaxies . . . And it’s not always zombies […]

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