Five days until we open!

In five short days, the gates to the kingdom of Pandoracon swing wide. And, from the moment you enter, this will be as no other convention you’ve conceived. Apart from the Cirque du Soleil or an exotic watermelon wrestling event, this may be the most spectacle you can observe without being cited for voyeurism. And, […]

Six days to go!

Six days remain until the opening of Pandoracon 2012. Have you been saving your cardboard tubes? We will supply sheets of cardboard, scissors, tape, sharpies, etc. for the making of cardboard armor, and a workspace for its creation, but we are relying on Card Board Tube War combatants to supply their own weapons. Practice and […]

Seven days left!

Tomorrow will mark exactly a week until the opening of the inaugural Pandoracon, Cincinnati’s newest science fiction and fantasy convention. For all the Doctor Who fans, our featured vendor Who North America will take care of all your merchandize needs. They have one of the country’s largest selections of Doctor Who toys, books, audio books, clothing, and […]

Geektastic Drinking!

Have you ever thought about throwing your own Sci-Fi or Fantasy themed party? Well, of course you have! I bet some of you have planned that perfect Star Trek or Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy party for some New Years Eve. I am even sure you planned out what to serve, how to make Klingon […]

Introducing the Ringtails!

13 more days to go to Pandoracon and it’s time to introduce you to some of our delightful vendors and exhibitors. Today we bring you The Ringtail Cafe, an independent publication company, based out of Northern Kentucky. Started by Darren “The Tak” Mueller, and Jackie “Salmagundi” Hernandez, the two person team has since grown into a […]

Two weeks left until the Pandoracon opens!

Ladies and gentlemen, space cadets and k-nig-hts! There is exactly two week left until the opening of Pandoracon and we have been frantically adding the finishing touches and are ready to launch . . . so let the countdown begin! Our TARDIS is on course to land square in the middle of the exhibitor hall, […]

Welcome to the House of Clubs

Welcome to the House of Clubs! We are pleased that you have taken an interest in Us. We are King Sebastian Scott and Queen Calamity Dawn, and should you do Us the honor of joining Our House, then We shall lead you towards fun and frolic. King Sebastian has travelled far and wide as a […]

Guest Artist: Jeff Carlisle

Jeff Carlisle will be part of Pandoracon next month as another one of our special guest artists. Born in the town of Shelby, OH (Birthplace of the seamless tube industry in America), Jeff Carlisle grew up in the bustling metropolis of Columbus, OH. There, he attended public school without being shot or stabbed and continued his education at […]

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