Pandoracon’s Labyrinth!

Pandoracon 2013 “Into the Labyrinth” has teased you with hints as to the actual labyrinth that will be in the main atrium ballroom of the Atrium hotel this October. The same core team that brought video gaming to last year’s Pandoracon, under the leadership of Arcturus Caine, are the engineers and builders of the notorious […]

Pandoracon 2013’s Charity Partner: Melodic Connections

This year Pandoracon has partnered with Melodic Connections, a 501(c)3 that offers music therapy lessons to individuals with special needs in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. This year, we’re celebrating five years of helping students with autism and Down Syndrome, and other special learners grow through music therapy! The organization, which currently has four board-certified music therapists, […]

Steampunk Symposium 2014 Hotel

Ladies and Gentlemen, we at the Pandora Society are thrilled to officially announce that the Steampunk Empire Symposium 2014 will remain on the scheduled weekend of April 25-27, 2014 and will be held at the Crowne Plaza Blue Ash. This is a fantastic hotel that we have worked with before for Pandoracon 2012, and have […]

Doctor Who improv and comedy – The Wayward Saints

Pandoracon 2013 is joined by The Wayward Saints started as an offshoot of the Cleveland-based troupe known as the Confused Greenies. In the past year, they have become a troupe in their own right and a force to be reckoned with. From their roots in Commedia del’arte, The Saints have expanded their repertoire to include both written and […]

The Goblin Horde – Pandoracon 2013

For Pandoracon 2013 another faction threatens the established four Houses of Pandoracon . . . the Goblin Horde! Pandoracon who have not picked one of the regular houses will by default be considered a part of the Goblin Horde, a group of mischief makers set to bring anarchy and mayhem to the Games. House Colors: […]

The House of Hearts – Pandoracon 2013

Today Pandoracon presents the fourth House of Pandoracon, the Hearts. For 2013, the House of Hearts is being ruled by Queen Tory Borkowski and King Draven Amoure. House Colors:         Red and Black House Title:             Land of the Eternal Flame House Motto:         Sic gorgiamus allos subiectatos nunc (We gladly feast on those who would […]

The House of Spades – Pandoracon 2013

Today the Houses of Pandoracon presents the 2013 court of the House of Spades, which is breaking new ground by being ruled by sister queens, Queen Odetta von Kasek and Queen Barb Kelsay. House Colors:         Black, Gold, & Silver House Title:             “The house to which all compasses point!” House Motto:         “Through open flasks […]

Guest Artists – The Ringtail Cafe

For 2013 Pandoracon is excited to have the Ringtail Cafe as guest artists. The studio produces The Confectionaries series, along with other titles, is are one of the most popular creators within the anthropomorphic fandom community. Ringtail Cafe Productions is an independent publication company, based out of Northern Kentucky. Started by Darren “The Tak” Mueller, […]

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