Only a Weapon from Our Past Can Save Our Future!

Hello Space-cadets! This week’s feature is a doozy and comes to us from the heady days of 2002! Wow, we’re almost in synch with the times here… Lovable loser Jim inherits a large 1940s robot from his Grandfather…like you do. He also inherits the ageless enemy that comes with it…a crazy Nazi scientist who is developing […]

I Love You Miss Robot…

Welcome back Spacies! This week on Meet Cleaver Theatre the Pandoracon Edition we’re heading off to Hong Kong…oriental city of mystery! We’re gonna take a stab at the 1988 chop-socky robot “classic” “I Love Maria”! It’s all about crimefighting in the streets of futuristic Hong Kong…where a nasty gang of thugs is releaseing maniac robots […]

Astronaut Ordered Blown Up!!!

Hey hey Space-cadets! Butch R. Cleaver is back with a “disarming” entry into the torrid soup that  b-sci-fi! This week we’re visiting with a greaser and his hot-rod pals, the Skipper from Gilligan’s Island, the former 50 foot woman and an astronaut that’s just gone all to pieces! It’s the 1963 sci-fi schlock-fest “The Crawling […]

Meet the Winchesters.

In Sept. of 2005 the show Supernatural debuted on the WB (which no longer exists, now many of the shows that remain from the WB are now on The CW.) Supernatural follows the exploits of the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, as they hunt down monsters, ghosts, demons and all things to go bump in […]

Dalek Invasion!

Well hello my fellow Whovians! Last week we took a look at the first Doctor Who feature film, “Doctor Who & the Daleks“….this week we’re back in the Tardis for round two! The Doctor (played again by Peter Cushing” returns to Earth but misses his date  by just a few years. He and the companions find […]

They Were Chosen To Survive…

Well hello space-cadets! Butch R. Cleaver is back and we’re bringing you an oldy but a goodie…and we aren’t talking about tonight’s feature! This summer we’re mixing older episodes with newer episodes to bring in a splash of freshness in the most ironic of fashions! This week: They were chosen to survive only to die […]

Women of Awesomeness: River Song

(Before I go any further I must put in a little warning: “Spoilers, sweetie.” If you are not current on Doctor Who you may wish to stop reading until you’ve gotten all the way through the most recent season of the show.) Yes, it’s time for one of the most intriguing and best dressed Women […]

Our favorite Timelord…in movie form!

Well hello my fellow Whovians! Butch R. Cleaver here and we’re back with a British sci-fi icon this week on Meet Cleaver Theatre! This week we’re taking a look at the first feature-length Doctor Who movie! Doctor Who & the Daleks from 1965 is based on the “first” doctor (William Hartnell) and stars Peter Cushing as […]

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