“Steam Wars” Saturday

Today we are only TEN days away from the opening of the third annual Steampunk Empire Symposium! Which also means that you only have until midnight on April 20th to pre-reg for weekend badges and save $10. The theme for weekend is “Steam Wars” which is open to many interpretations of Space Opera in a […]

Steampunk Symposium Games Schedule

Greetings gentlefolk, The Steampunk Empire Symposium is just a few weeks away and so are the Symposium Games. Each registered airship or group will of course be wanting to know where and when to send their representatives to compete. Below you will find the scheduled times for each official event taking place in the BLUE […]

Tomorrow is the last day . . .

Midnight, April 11th, 2014 is the cut off point for purchasing the amazing 2014 Steampunk Empire Symposium t-shirt . . . it’s that simple. Go to http://thepandorasociety.storenvy.com to order yours before it’s too late.

Cincinnati Steampunk Salon’s HUGE turnout!

For its debut meeting at Molly Malone’s spacious location, the League of Cincinnati Steampunks saw a record turnout of 170 people. Welcoming many old companions as well as numerous first-time guests to this new location the League entertained its guests with not only the usual custom of food, drink, and conversation, but also showed silent versions of movies The League of […]

Afternoon Tea in the Garden

At four o’clock on Saturday afternoon, April 26th, many members of the Steampunk Empire Symposium shall be stopping for tea. For the delightfully low cost of $12 per person (plus tax and gratuity), attendees can expect a selection of teas accompanied by two plates full of tea time foods. Tea Option #1 has the first plate with a British […]

Meet the Authors in Pandoracon’s 2013 Author’s Program!

Something new this year at Pandoracon is the Author’s Program. A variety of folks are taking the convention up on it fantastic new opportunity – and we thought we would introduce them to you one by one so you can get to know them before you arrive! Lauren Jankowski has been an avid reader and […]

Geektastic Drinking!

Have you ever thought about throwing your own Sci-Fi or Fantasy themed party? Well, of course you have! I bet some of you have planned that perfect Star Trek or Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy party for some New Years Eve. I am even sure you planned out what to serve, how to make Klingon […]

Welcome to the House of Clubs

Welcome to the House of Clubs! We are pleased that you have taken an interest in Us. We are King Sebastian Scott and Queen Calamity Dawn, and should you do Us the honor of joining Our House, then We shall lead you towards fun and frolic. King Sebastian has travelled far and wide as a […]

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