Guest Artists – The Ringtail Cafe

For 2013 Pandoracon is excited to have the Ringtail Cafe as guest artists. The studio produces The Confectionaries series, along with other titles, is are one of the most popular creators within the anthropomorphic fandom community. Ringtail Cafe Productions is an independent publication company, based out of Northern Kentucky. Started by Darren “The Tak” Mueller, […]

The House of Clubs – Pandoracon 2013

Continuing this week’s introduction of the Houses of Pandoracon in more detail, we bring you the House of Clubs. For 2013 the diamond crowns are Queen Christina Rose and King Guy Dillon. House Colors:         Red and Black  (Accent colors purple and white) House Title:             West side House Motto:         Perkele. Valm udossa xor el! (second […]

The House of Diamonds – Pandoracon 2013

This week we introduce the Houses of Pandoracon in more detail, starting with the House of Diamonds. For 2013 the diamond crowns are Queen Courtney “Splintercat” Stoll and King Larry Sparrow. The House of Diamonds, Guardians of the Sun Gate (the eastern wall of the Labyrinth), is a worthy and noble House known for their […]

Vampires & LARPing at Pandoracon

Members of The Mind’s Eye Society will be running LARP (Live Action Role Play) games at Pandoracon this October. The group will be running a game of Accord on Friday, October 11 . . . and a game of Changeling on Saturday, October 12. Accord: Accord is a unique game setting in which the supernatural […]

The Houses of Pandoracon

The Houses of Pandoracon is definitely something that makes this convention unique. Last year all Pandoracon attendees were divided into one of the four groups: the House of Clubs, the House of Diamonds, the House of Hearts, and the House of Spades. Each House has a king and queen who perform the role of social […]

Volunteering at Pandoracon

Pandoracon has openings for volunteers. We need people to help with set up, room monitoring, registration, general errands, and such. Volunteers are required to work at least 12 hours over the weekend (split into three shifts) and will be compensated a full weekend badge to Pandoracon in return, as well as other perks. If you […]

Mikey Mason returns to Pandoracon!

Mikey Mason rocked Pandoracon 2012 with his geeky rock songs and stand up comedy, and now he is set to turn it up to eleven in 2013! Born in Kentucky and dragged throughout the south before settling in Indiana to be raised in a trailer, Mikey Mason has a diverse background to draw material from. […]

The future noir of “AIDAN 5”

Pandoracon is honored to be joined by cast and crew members of the critically acclaimed AIDAN 5, the series William Shatner calls “Impressive & innovative!” Set in the year 2064, AIDAN 5 chronicles the journey of one detective who must unravel the mystery behind the serial killings of his own clones. This 16-episode living comic book […]

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