Ohio Steampunk in the Month of May

This past Saturday saw the second Cincinnati Steampunk Salon to be held at the new location of Molly Malone’s in Covington, KY. 108 people came to the Salon to dine, drink, and be merry. Emily King provided a musical performance on her electric violin, accompanied by Orlando Stuart on keyboard, and DJ Nipples got everyone […]

Lady Mechanika comes to Cincinnati

As many of you will already know, the first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day. There have been several Steampunk comics that have emerged over the last few years and perhaps one of the best is the Lady Mechanika series written and illustrated by Joe Benitez with colors by Peter Steigerwald. The tabloids […]

Symposium’s Charity Drive

This year the Steampunk Empire Symposium formed a partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to raise money in donations and to help increase awareness. The Symposium’s fund raiser saw people purchasing “priority” wristbands to see Voltaire perform, people buying raffle tickets for amazing prizes donated by Symposium vendors and members, and most […]

Steampunk Symposium MMXV – Confirmed Guests

As the next 51 weeks count down closer to the fourth annual Steampunk Empire Symposium we shall be announcing more and more about what to expect, and to get things started here are some of our confirmed Guests of Honour for 2015 . . .                     […]

Symposium Journals

We would like to hear more about your experience and invite you to enter our Symposium Journal drawing to win a free badge, t-shirt, or pin for next year’s Symposium by writing a brief account of your experiences at Symposium MMXIV. To enter, please compose a 300 to 500 word journal style account of your Symposium weekend and submit […]

The Symposium . . . where to begin?

The Steampunk Empire Symposium MMXIV was an incredible success, so much so that the readers of the Steampunk Chronicles voted it the Best Steampunk Convention in the Midwest! To say this year’s Symposium was a success is actually an understatement . . . it was a weekend of EPIC proportions and just one post can not […]

Tomorrow! The Symposium Opens!!!

How’s the packing going? How’s that last minute sewing going? Going to use glue instead? 🙂 We at the Steampunk Empire Symposium feel your pain, but we also plan to share your joy. While 99% of the Symposium is all packed and ready to go, even we are working up to the last minute and […]

Today, Tomorrow, and then SYMPOSIUM!!!

Today is your LAST DAY to book your Afternoon Tea in the Garden, a full tea service for only $12 per person. Tomorrow we see who won Symposium Pins in the Facebook “Show Your Allegiance” pin contest. The day after tomorrow . . . oh yes indeed! The opening of the third annual Steampunk Empire Symposium! Onsite […]

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