Symposium 2017 Vendor – Ties That Bynde

Ties that Bynde Designs is a unique design label that specializes in custom corsets and one of a kind evening wear, and we are thrilled that they are joining us for the 2017 International Steampunk Symposium!

Cleveland Zeppelin Union enters the Steampunk Olympics!

The first Airship to register for the 2017 Steampunk Olympics at the International Steampunk Symposium is the Cleveland Zeppelin Union! “The Cleveland Zeppelin Union is back and ready for action! The CZU provides docking space for individuals and groups to exchange ideas, run events, and promote all that is Steampunk in the greater Cleveland and Akron area. […]

Steampunk Movie Review: The Warrior’s Way

This is probably one of the coolest movies you have never heard of. It only ended up in my possession because The Mister was digging through a DVD bargain bin and came across something he thought I’d like. So we saddled up our whiskey 7’s and had ourselves a movie night.

Airship Registration for the 2017 Steampunk Olympics

More than half a decade ago, dozens of airship crews from all across the state, the nation, and even the globe converged in Cincinnati, Ohio to compete in the first ever Steampunk Olympics and began the annual gathering known as the International Steampunk Symposium! While some contests in the Steampunk Olympics are open to all, […]

Symposium 2017 Vendor – Lady Heather’s Fashions

Lady Heather’s Fashions strive to continually create new and interesting lines, as well as trying to provide quality products at the most affordable price.

Steampunk Book Review: A Matter of Temperance

By the time Ichabod “Icky” Temperance sent me a few of his books to review, we had already been friends online for a long time. He has been a faithful follower of my blog since the beginning, but it wasn’t until I got an e-mail talking about his books that I knew how he found his way to writing. He and his […]

The Real Dumblore’s Army

In the Harry Potter books and movies, there was a common theme of everyone , no matter who you are, what age, faces issues of ‘fighting for rights’. One of the groups that formed with in the Harry Potter World was Dumbledore’s Army.  We see these same issues recurring as well in Fantastic Beasts. I […]

Symposium 2017 Vendor – Deborah Olson Milliner Extraordinaire

Deborah Olson Milliner Extraordinaire – Award-winning, historically accurate and hand crafted ladies’ millinery of the Civil War, Victorian, Edwardian, Steampunk eras as well as Haute Couture headpieces.

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