Orange Ribbons and LARP’ing at the Symposium

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Perhaps the biggest dichotomy in the Steampunk Community is between those who like to role play a Steampunk persona in Live Action Role Play (LARP) sense, and those who just like to dress in fancy clothes and do it more for the lifestyle. On the surface there really is no way to distinguish them apart, which can lead to many an awkward conversation in which the LARPer Steampunk is explaining his or her backstory to a Lifestyle Steampunk who doesn’t really care.

Neither is less of a way to participate in Steampunk, but they are both rather removed from each other. This year the International Steampunk Symposium has a humble suggestion to help both flavors of Steampunker find others who have similar tastes.

Orange RibbonFor those who enjoying playing a persona and role playing with other immersive Steampunks, we advise wearing and orange ribbon upon your attire to let other LARP’ers know that you are in character and enjoy interacting with others “in character.” Those not wearing an orange ribbon can then be assumed to not be “acting” and just there as themselves in fancy clothing.

The orange ribbon identifier can be creatively incorporated into an outfit, perhaps in the form of a medal ribbon, or worn around a hat, or just simply pinned upon your lapel. Symposium registration will have a roll of orange ribbon available if you can not create something in advance.

As we reveal more about the International Steampunk Symposium’s programming, we shall be able to share more about several plans we have in the works to run some weekend long LARP campaigns . . . more on that later.


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