Old West Festival Contest – Lady Elora Lionheart


Until midnight (EST) tomorrow (August 10th), we are accepting entires for the Old West Festival ONLINE Costume Contest. Voting runs from August 11th to August 17th, and the results of the Popular Vote and the Judge’s Choice will be revealed on August 18th.

Today’s featured entry is from Lady Elora Lionheart of Independence, Kentucky.

Jessica Jones

Lady Elora Lionheart is on another adventure! This time she is roughing it in a brand new territory. Coming from the land of airships and motorbikes, she’s in for new challenge in the world of horseback and Eather locomotives. Lady Lionheart has been making her way across the pond to reunite with her trusted body guard and companion, Sir Flynn T. Locke. He has found himself in a spot of trouble in the rough and tumble West. His quick-draw attitude and over-eagerness to do the right thing has landed him with some unwelcome friends of the unsavory nature. Elora has sprung out of the Marble City, and into the saddle to help him out. Once they are together, they are one dangerous duo. She’s at the last leg of journey now. She just waiting on the three ten to Dodge!

You can see here that Elora is sporting much of her adventure gear as well as a few additions! You’ll never see her out and about without her harness and hip bags. They are a useful thing to have when you never know what you will need. She’s also got a good pair of boots for when the journey gets rough. And of course she has her trusty Derringer for when things get even rougher. But Elora is nothing if not a Lady! You can see that she’s found a liking for the wild west style, and made a few changes to fit her adventurous nature. From dress, to hat, broach, to stockings; Every piece is a piece of gear. And she’ll use any of it to make it to the end of the line! Some of these pieces were purchased from various vendors, while many were handcraft by the Lady herself.

Flourish 3OWF


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