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Airship Athena Logo 2Athens, Ohio – Airship Athena

Airship Athena is named after the city we hail from, as well as Athens, Greece whose founding patron goddess is Athena. The symbol of the goddess Athena, the owl, can be seen in our logo. 



Tempus Fugit LogoBatavia, Ohio – Airship Tempus Fugit

An eclectic group of creative minds from the east side of Cincinnati, who are fairly new to the steampunk scene. We are of diverse ages and backgrounds. We are always looking to expand and network. 




Cincinnati, Ohio – The League of Cincinnati Steampunks

Description coming




Seal_Clan_of_Teks_purple_copper_smallCincinnati, Ohio – The Clan of Teks

The Clan of Teks is a small city struggling to survive in a post comet impact world. We are always looking for like minded survivors to help us grow and prosper in the post fall world by re-claiming science and technology. 



Archon Logo 2Columbus, Ohio – Airship Archon

The Airship Archon is a diverse group of entertainers, tinkerers, and business people hailing from the humble but worldly city of Columbus, Ohio. They continually strive to network and propagate their good name to far off cities as much as possible.


Dauntless LogoColumbus, Ohio HMAS Dauntless

Hailing from Columbus, OH, the HMAS Dauntless is a small, fast Cruiser-class warship ready and capable for combat when the alarm sounds. We patrol the skies over Ohio for smugglers, thieves, marauders, and those who threaten Queen & country. 


Airship Passepartout LogoDayton, Ohio – Airship Passepartout

Airship Passepartout is a Dayton, OH based steampunk group. We started slowly in 2010 and have since been building steam. Currently we gather together at least once per month for some type of activity such as a picnic, stroll, parlour games, tea, caravan to a large event or just social drinking. 



Centroid_flagHamilton, Ohio – Airship Centroid

We are a friendly group of airship pirates, misfits and nobles based out of Hamilton. We enjoy introducing people steampunk culture and helping people create characters and learn to craft. We have members of all ages and welcome all who want to join our ranks. 







If you have a regular group of Steampunk chaps, ladies, and children that meet under the banner of an Airship or otherwise organized group, we invite you to register with the Ohio Steampunk Society and become part of the Ohio Steampunk Directory. Simply fill out the form below and we will run a feature on your group to promote your meetings and activities.


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