New Items in the Pandora Society Store

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Age of Steam and aether exploration is a dangerous place, which is why we offer you these opportunities to defend yourself in style. The following items have been added to the Pandora Society Store.

Stark 250x125

Stark Rifle Prototype

Designed by Sir Anthony Stark Esquire, this rifle was the basis for the popular Mercurian Gator Rifle. The rifle’s design combines the highly flammable properties of hydrogen and oxygen into a manageable clear fluid. This lovingly restored prototype, however, has been deactivated due to the volatile nature of the early designs.

It is worth noting, however, that bright green aether gas is still contained in the mechanics of the rifle and will still glow under UV black light.


Oxblood 250x125

Oxblood Royale

Originally designed for Martian Fox hunting, this fully functional gun is truly a regal sidearm to behold. The foam dart projectiles are powered by a bright green aether steam tube located at the back of the gun; this power unit will glow under UV black light. The slide on the barrel preps the aether steam and the clear tube toward the top indicates when the gun is primed by filling up with blue aether fluid; pull the trigger and the blue fluid mixes with the green gas, thus propelling the dart at a fox, or any foe to whom you have taken a disliking.


Gator 250x125

Gator Rifle

When hunting alligators in the deserts of Mercury, one must be appropriately armed, thus was designed the aether steam powered Gator Rifle!

Fully functional in delivering a liquid hydrogen-oxygen cocktail of deadliness (Mercurian alligators are crystal based and thus melt like a precious little snowflake) that will render most Mercurian beasties lifeless with a couple of squirts.

Please note that the bright green aether steam chamber at the back does glow brilliantly under UV black light, so we do not advise alligator hunting under the full moon of Mercury.


Flash 250x125

Mongo Blaster

A true piece of off world history from the Battle of Mongo, this blaster is still fully functional and fires traditional foam darts (suction cup tips are deadly to Mongoids).

Please note that under UV black light, the bright green aether power source at the front of the blaster glows in the dark, which looks dazzling, but is ill advised for night time attacks upon the Ultra-Violet Caves of Crystallia Prime. Ammunition not supplied.


Copper 250x250

Copper Electric Rifle

Designed for blasting Martian Lions with a bolt of lightning, this antique has subsequently been deactivated after users found that the copper materials shocked the user more than the lions. It will, however, manage to look intimidating and scare off Martian wild life (most of the time).

With the correct ammunition (not supplied) this ancient fire arm can still fire NERF projectiles.


BuzzSaw Mk.II 250x250

BuzzSaw Mk. II

The BuzzSaw Mk.II is an aether gas powered firearm that shoots NERF balls and ping-pong balls; the perfect weapon for repelling Venusian Bandits.

Note: The bright green parts glow under UV black light for increased awesomeness.

Ammunition not included.




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