Mortal Engines in Development


At the end of last month, just before Halloween, Peter Jackson announced his next project. Even after the middling success of The Hobbit, he has not abandoned his love of literary adaptations, and we’re soon to see another world only see in imagination fill the big screen. In a video shared to Facebook followers, Jackson announced plans to turn Mortal Engines into a film. The hope is that he will launch another series of films to reflect the content of the four books in the Mortal Engines series.

For those unfamiliar with the books, here’s a quick summary: In the future, London has become a steampunk machine. The rest of the world is running out of natural resources to fuel the great machine. Towns now ‘eat’ each other to survive. It’s steampunk with a sprinkling of Mad Max‘s environmental themes.

Obviously, this sounds like cinema gold, and all those who cried the death of steampunk get to eat their words once again. We have little information about Peter Jackson’s plans, but his public announcement suggests gears have been turning behind the curtain for a little while now. We’ll keep readers updated as the film gains traction and starts hunting for cast and crew.

M. Leigh Hood is a rare beast of the Cincinnati wilderness typically preoccupied with writing, nerding, and filming The Spittoon List. For more articles and stories by M. Leigh Hood, look HERE.

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