Marmalade Brigade at the Cincinnati Halloween Masquerade

It had once been a church, but in times of prohibition could it have been a Speakeasy as well? While gangsters bootlegged moonshine through Newport outside, the party was hopping inside, but little did those cool cats know about the horror that was being summoned beneath the building as they danced to The Marmalade Brigade . . .

The Marmalade Brigade is a Cincinnati based band. Mixing the improvisation of Gypsy Jazz and New Orleans with the storytelling of the great songwriters, it has housed some of the best and most creative musicians in the area for almost 14 years.

Michael McIntire is a true entertainer and combines comedy and showmanship with the darker lure of human experience in his wonderfully original songs. They are delighted to be invited to play this years Halloween Masquerade & Noir. The Marmalade Brigade is Michael McIntire (guitar and vocals), Gregory Morris (mandolin and violin), Laura Sabo (clarinet) and Ken Bruce (bass).

The Cincinnati Halloween Masquerade is limited to 500 tickets,
so we recommend buying your tickets in advance HERE.

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