Madame Dowd and the Makings of an Automaton

DowdPlaying dress up and making papertowel dresses for my barbies came effortlessly to me as a thing I knew I could do. As a child, many visions I had included imagining the kind of clothing Faeries might wear, whether they are made of cloth or elements of nature. I imagined dancers in arabesque, their large flowery skirts, cascading drapery in luscious petals from the air to the floor.

As a child, my costuming interests sprouted from the love of crafted dolls my grandmother had made and given me. Though as a child, I lacked a significant attention span (to learn technical skills), the seed of inspiration had none-the-less been sewn.

My techincal skills derive mostly from observing seamstresses in action at a sewing machine and with projects by hand. Reference books, and being educated by friends with nifty techinques have enhanced my skills tremendously.

EchoInspiration, however, comes from a much broader spectrum of vivid, eye catching and thought provoking artworks seen all around the world. Now, my top inspirations shine through, some more than others, in the execution of an ensembles’ presentation. Some costume elements were planned, some were improvised on the fly. And with Make-up simply manifesting these underlying themes, Echo’s look came together.

Developing not only a character, but adding entire persona and wardrobe is a challenge which took nearly three years to re-draft, present, and redraft some more. Presenting my character was nerve racking, however, nessecary. Without public feedback, its very difficult to know what worked and what didnt from the Audience perspective.

Ebony ECHO Descant I made her revived debut at Teslacon 5 this past November, and with Your interest, I’d like to tell you about my Music Box Automaton . . . in the near future.

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