Lindsey Sterling rides the Fury Road

Lindsey Sterling has always been a little punk, especially with her “Roundtable Revival” video from last year, but her latest music video “The Arena” takes it to a whole new level.

Spectators wearing leather, corsets, goggles, and horned headdresses gather in a makeshift arena in the mist of a desolate desert reminiscent of Mad Max. Rusty automotives litter the background, while two dancers take center stage. The title comes from a quote by Theodore Roosevelt: “The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.” The credit in this case definitely belongs to Lindsey who has created an ascetically interesting and narratively compelling that provides yet further evidence that retro-futurism is, slowly but surely, taking over the world.

The film stars Lindsey Sterling and Dancing with the Stars sensation Derek Hough. “The Arena” is the third track on Lindsey’s upcoming album Brave Enough. The video is meant to show the fragility and danger of love. According to the artist:“I wrote this album while I was searching for the courage to be vulnerable. I wanted to tear down the walls I’d built around my heart and each song represents a step of my journey.”

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