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Corsair Iniquitous 1Covington, Kentucky – Airship Corsair Iniquitous

Heh. As pirates, we must respectfully decline the advertisement of our regular activities. Protecting investments and all that. Any events that we should desire a public showing ripe for plundering, umm….we mean welcoming, we will be sure to advertise extensively through social media.


Dr.Robert's Traveling Odditorium LogoLouisville, Kentucky – Dr. Robert’s Traveling Odditorium

The Odditorium is a steampunk acting group, and we exist to create a unique experience for both the steampunk elite and newcomers alike.



If you have a regular group of Steampunk chaps, ladies, and children that meet under the banner of an Airship or otherwise organized group, we invite you to register with the Kentucky Steampunk Society and become part of the Kentucky Steampunk Directory. Simply fill out the form below and we will run a feature on your group to promote your meetings and activities.

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